• $1400* SOHC Non-Turbo (1999-2012)
  • $1500* DOHC Non-Turbo (1996-1999)
  • $2700* Turbo (Belt driven)
  • $3100* H6 (6 Cylinder)
  • $2700* FB 4 Cylinder Non-Turbo Timing Chain Driven (2011-Present, Includes Cam carrier, timing cover re-seal & all items listed below)
  • All jobs Include: Six-Star Multi Layer Steel Head Gaskets, and Subaru OEM: Valve cover gaskets, spark plug tube seals, intake & exhaust manifold gaskets, coolant crossover & dipstick tube o-rings, an oil change & new coolant.
  • When the engine is removed we inspect all other items/gaskets. Due to easy access it is less expensive to fix these other items during the head gasket job. Rather than repairing later.
  • Save $450 or more by combining head gaskets w/ timing belt kit + water pump. Contact for information & pricing.
  • 2 Year 24K Parts & Labor Warranty, gives you peace of mind!


  •  – Add to head gasket pricing above.
  • $220 – SOHC
  • $240 – DOHC
  • $260 – DOHC H6
  • Cylinder heads resurfacing creates a flat & smooth finish for the new head gaskets to seal against. This is one of the many important parts of the repair that creates the longevity you are seeking!


Resurfaced Cylinder Head

Improved Design Multi-Layer Steel Head Gasket

Sooner or later, all vehicles are going to run into problems. There are some problems that are unique to certain vehicles. When it comes to Subarus, one of the most common issues is with the head gasket. Unfortunately, Subaru used a single layer composite designed head gasket that did not hold up as well as we would have liked. No worries though because Subamotive has got you covered! We use an updated multi-layer steel design that will take care of the head gasket issue and get you and your Subaru back on the road, safely.

If you’re not a car person, a head gasket is a mechanical seal located between the cylinder heads and the surface of the engine block. Its job is to help contain your engine’s combustion process, as well as physically separating your fuel, coolant, and oil. Since the gasket is located close to where the combustion occurs, it has to be built to take a beating. When there’s a problem with the gasket, your car can experience problems like fluid leaks, an overheating engine, white smoke coming from the exhaust pipe, or an engine that runs poorly.

If your Subaru is in need of head gaskets, Subamotive is the place to go! With years of experience, we’ve become very accurate and efficient when it comes to dealing with both head gasket and engine issues. We also partner with a Subaru parts supplier that isn’t through a dealership. That gets you the same high-quality Subaru parts, but we’re able to provide savings without an unnecessary markup. This allows us to provide a very cost effective option for you and your Subaru! For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact us online or by phone today!

Head Gasket Replacements In Lakewood, CO

If you need a head gasket replacement for your Subaru or other vehicle, don’t hesitate to contact Subamotive in Lakewood, Colorado. We offer the best head gasket repair and replacement services in the area, in addition to our other automotive services. Our mechanics are highly trained and certified, and we offer a two year, 24k mile warranty on all of our parts and labor. Need to replace your engine or timing belt? Concerned about a fluid leak? We can help there, too. See what others have to say about our Subaru mechanics by reading our reviews online.