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Reliable Brakes Services For Your Subaru

Finding a trusted and reliable Subaru mechanic is vital to your car’s health, and Subamotive in Lakewood understands how crucial finding the right Subaru repair shop is. Our auto repair shop specializes in all makes and models of Subarus, and is staffed by the most skilled and experienced professionals.

With the premier diagnostic equipment and advanced tools, we can quickly pinpoint your brake concerns and determine the services your Subaru requires — all with quality parts and repairs you can feel confident in.

Get Your Brakes Serviced Today

Fully functioning brakes are imperative to passenger safety and those with whom you share the road. Because brakes are an essential part of everyday driving, over time, brake shoes, brake pads, brake rotors, calipers, and other brake components are vulnerable to wear and tear — brake repair and maintenance is a must! 

As a Subaru owner, there are certain routine car maintenance services that keep your car running at optimal performance, and brake repair is one major service on which you’ll always need to keep an eye. 

How Do You Know You Have Bad Brakes?

Never dismiss these signs:

If a brake indicator light appears on the dashboard, you may be due for a brake repair.

If the steering wheel is vibrating or things feel shaky, you may have issues with an uneven rotor.

If your car is being pulled to one side, you may have a caliper issue or a damaged brake hose.

If your commute involves steep Colorado roads and your brakes begin to smell after a long descent, you may have overheated brakes. Always pull over and let them cool off and schedule a brake repair service immediately.

Are you hearing loud noises when you brake? High pitched noises usually mean the brake pads are worn out. Got grinding? You may have stretched your brake service too far and are in need of new brake pads, lubrication in the rear drum brakes, etc.

Notice some new fluid or a soft pedal when braking? This is a good time to schedule your routine brake maintenance.

Brake Packages From Subamotive

All brake packages include:

  • Brake Pads
  • Rotors
  • Hardware
  • Lubrication of All Necessary Components

Economy Brakes: $350.00 Parts & Labor Per Axle

Subamotives Economy Brake Package consists of high-quality aftermarket parts — reliable and safe brakes for your daily driver Subaru vehicle.

  • Ceramic Pad Material
  • High-End Aftermarket Parts
  • Daily Driver Ready


Premium OEM Akebono: $450 Parts & Labor Per Axle

From the Colorado blizzards to the dirt trails, this is the brake package that’ll keep you and your Subaru safe on your many adventures to come!

  • Higher Performance
  • Longevity
  • Anti-Rust & Corrosion Painted Rotors
  • Japanese Components
  • Ceramic Pad Material

Brake Fluid Flush: $105

  • Due every 30k miles
  • Improved petal feel. From a squishy, unsafe petal to a firm petal and safe petal.


Subamotive provides transparent and hassle-free brakes services — we’ll never sell you on something you don’t need, and you’ll never feel pressured to spend more money on an upgrade. We want to do what’s best and right for you and your budget!

In our initial brake check, we provide a visual inspection to get a better idea of what’s going on — we’ll provide a diagnosis and a cost estimate should you need additional brake repairs. If your brakes look good and don’t need work, we’ll send you on your way! With an honest and straightforward approach, this is how we prioritize our customers!

This Is Your Sign — Don’t Ignore Your Brakes!

Brakes are something you don’t want to mess around with, so if you feel like something might be off, you can always give Subamotive a quick call or schedule an appointment. At the end of the day, brakes can fail and cause damage, so even though you may not be thinking about their components, things can go wrong if issues are ignored.

Because brakes are a part of a system, when one part is affected, so are the other brake components. Don’t subject yourself or others to dangerous accidents because you couldn’t slow down

Beyond brake failure, when brake issues are ignored they can cause damage to the entire brake system — the longer you wait to address that squeal, the more damage you can cause. If the problem was simply that you needed to get new brake pads, it’s a quick and affordable brake service, but if you wait too long, the problem becomes much bigger and the service more costly.

Brakes Services You Can Feel Good About

Subamotive doesn’t do the bare minimum — we go above and beyond to create a safe and reliable brake system that only adds to the enjoyment of your Subaru. Not only do we service worn-out brake components, but we offer a brake package tailored to your outdoor lifestyle! 

Whether you need just a standard brake service or you want one that keeps you protected as you climb mountain roads in sunshine, rain, snow, and everything in between, Subamotive has you covered. Whatever suits you, you’ll always receive expert installation, quality parts, and a comprehensive inspection covering shocks, calipers, struts, and more to ensure you’re safe no matter where the road takes you. 

Don’t Trust Your Subaru To Just Anyone — Choose Subamotive in Lakewood

When was the last time you had your brakes checked? If nothing is coming to mind, it’s time to put something in the books!

Subamotive is your solution to a Subaru mechanic you can trust. With years of experience working on Subaru’s, our team knows what it takes to create a safe and reliable car that gets you where you need to go!

With free brake inspections, you can quickly get a diagnosis and work with us should you need additional brake services. Never stress about an unexpected bill — we’re upfront about all the work we do, and we’ll always communicate with you why we’re recommending a certain brake service.

Keep your brakes in good condition and schedule with Subamotive today!

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